Envision your bankcards
being used everywhere

Empower your small business clients by joining forces with PABN

Convenient, reliable, and time-saving, PABN's portal allows small businesses to use your card as their go-to payment card.

Many suppliers don't accept bankcards from small businesses.

As a result, small businesses greatly underutilize their bankcards.

PABN empowers your small business customers to use their bankcard anywhere.

Combining forces with PABN, you give your small business clients the payment power they need.


  • Grow your credit card revenue while you help them grow
  • Strengthen client commitment and engagement
  • Be up and running in no time with PABN's easy onboarding


  • Preserve their working capital by using your bankcard as their go-to payment option
  • Take advantage of early pay vendor discounts
  • Negotiate more favorable payment terms with current vendors

Why choose PABN?

  • Trusted by thousands and today's fastest-growing payment portal.
  • User-friendly. Cost-competitive.
  • Bank-grade security-safe.

We look forward to growing your business with your small business clients.