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The PABN Fee

Pay Any Bill Now came together to set up our clients for success so they can focus on their personal and/or business lives, not the administrative tasks required to live it.

Pay Any Bill Now allows you to use a credit card for any expense, including payments by check and wire transfers.

Our affordable service’s highly competitive fees are offset through multiple savings: Tap into credit card rewards, early payment discounts, and time savings using our convenient payment portal.

Have ease of mind knowing your payments are on time and are backed by the authority of your issuing bank.

No more hassles with wire transfers or merchants who don’t accept credit cards, checks, or PayPal.

Why Does PABN Charge a Fee?

In a nutshell, we pay fees, so you pay fees.

We pay fees for use of the payment networks and for the banking systems to send your payments, so we need to pass these fees on to you in order to provide our stellar service!

That said, we negotiate industry-low fees and pass that added value on to you in our highly competitive fees.

We are confident that the PABN Portal provides high value. Our clients tell us that due to the savings of time, convenience, card rewards, and early payment discounts, they easily justify the service of this one-stop PABN payment portal.

Be sure to take full advantage of your card’s rewards programs. Visit their sites or call their customer service to review your benefit details. We’ll make it easy to take advantage of those rewards!

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